Simple Kitchen Design Ideas for 2022

Whether you’re doing house remodelling or starting from scratch, the most popular kitchen interior design ideas will help you along the way. There are plenty of alternatives for every kitchen, no matter the size or style, from vibrant cabinetry colours and attractive invisible kitchens to more useful concepts like concealed storage or smart-tech integration.

Sustainability and a closer connection to nature will be at the heart of many of the enormous décor ideas this year, according to interior designers who are presenting their latest interior design trends for 2022. In this article, we will discuss some of the ideas that have emerged more recently concerning kitchen interior design.

Sustainable Designs

Kitchens in 2022 will pay homage to Mother Nature in various ways, not only via design and decor. Sustainable living has never been more vital, and eco-friendly products for kitchen cleaning will increasingly find their way into our homes. The demand for a long-lasting product is becoming the most powerful force in the industry. People are less willing to compromise on aesthetics or price, but they are more aware of their options and will make decisions accordingly. The consumer will question a product’s entire life cycle, from sustainable sourcing through low-carbon manufacture to end-of-life recycling. 

Kitchen Zoning

In 2022, with more people working remotely than earlier, incorporating zones inside open-plan dwellings will require individuals who need to utilise their house as an office. The smooth feeling of fluidity that we all adore in open-plan designs is maintained by having sections for designated uses. It does, however, create a mental barrier between rooms meant for cooking, eating, working, or anything else. Small adjustments, such as a simple built-in foldable desk attached to a kitchen wall, can make all the difference even if a significant kitchen renovation isn’t in the cards.

Decorative Antiques

An antique farm table is an excellent option to add to one’s kitchen without undergoing extensive renovations. Vintage items could also operate in kitchens with a lack of sufficient room for a full-size island due to their distinctive sizes. Another advantage of vintage furniture is that it provides an unexpected element of aesthetic interest and serves as a conversation starter. In contrast to a standard built-in island, it will appear less ‘heavy’ while providing more prep and seating area.

Contemporary Country Style

The recent recession, which saw a massive migration of people from big cities to more rural places, has fueled a desire for a more rustic, country-inspired aesthetic in kitchens. Recreating a country-inspired kitchen with a modern vibe is anticipated to be a significant kitchen trend in 2022, even for people who stay in metropolitan areas. Country-style has seen a resurgence, thanks partly to cottagecore and the elegant rural residences that continue to appear on people’s Instagram feeds.

Appliances with Customizability

People are now ready to invest in the big-ticket equipment they’ve wanted for years. However, when selecting these appliances in 2022, customization and flexible design options will be crucial. These customizable options will grow in popularity, from colored devices to bespoke panelling that allows you to effortlessly merge your appliances into your cabinetry, such as Sub-Zero Designer Series Refrigeration.

Backsplashes and Countertops that are Seamless

Over the following year, we’ll see more of the unity in the kitchen countertop and backsplash. The eye needs somewhere to rest, and not every surface needs to be exciting or compete for attention by having a different gloss or colour. Using the same countertop material for a kitchen backsplash offers a unified and clean aesthetic with tremendous impact potential! It may bring a touch of contemporary refinement to any kitchen decor.

Smart Outdoor Kitchen

In recent years, the use of intelligent technology in our houses has steadily increased. According to expert forecasts for kitchen and garden trends in 2022, 2022 may be the year when kitchen smart-tech makes its way outside as well. The apparent development from indoor smart kitchens is smart outdoor kitchens. With a variety of Wi-Fi-connected tools and devices, residents would be able to arrange and operate their outdoor kitchen using their smartphones.

Veined Marble

Marble in the kitchen isn’t a new concept, but vein-centric slabs of the gorgeous stone are set to take off. In 2022, veined marbles will be extremely popular in kitchens, especially when combined with metallic finishes and ornamentation. It’s a creamy and dark grey marble with dynamic veining that’s visually appealing. Marble provides immediate luxury and long-term durability—it isn’t porous, so it won’t absorb or stain red wine.” Marble is pricey, so if you want the aesthetic but are on a budget, look at laminate possibilities. They may not have the same prestige as a traditional marble kitchen counter, but you can purchase decent-quality dupes that look and feel the same these days.


Choosing the best kitchen interior design when going about your house’s remodelling isn’t as simple. Your kitchen needs to not simply function well enough for your dining purposes but also gel in aesthetically with the rest of your house. The plethora of options does not make it any easier for you to choose. However, it also means that something that matches your ideas is most probably readily available. If you have an issue finalising one particular design for your modular kitchen, you need to worry. Our team of expert and skilled interior designers shall help you select not only a design that matches your demands but also implement it.

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