Full Interior

Keep your house up and running in a jiffy. Choose LVL to avail yourself of a myriad of high-quality, budget-friendly modular selections such as closets, kitchens, tv units, puja units, bookshelves, shoe racks, and much more in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes that will be tailored to fit your house.
Bring home the work that will make your home the most beautiful space to dwell in and will last a lifetime.

Exclusive Modular Kitchen Renovation

With a variety of modules to mix and match, let’s cook up a kitchen to your liking. Understanding a kitchen layout is the first step towards designing the ideal kitchen. Begin your journey by choosing from our fantastic range of kitchens with various styles, budgets, and offerings. Our components comprising your kitchen will make your cooking experience simple and convenient.

Exclusive Modular Wardrobe Renovation

Is your wardrobe his or her’s? Or do you want one for the kids? Personalize your cabinet to meet all of your requirements.

Choose from our wide range of wardrobes that suit a variety of styles and price ranges. A wardrobe is by far the most personal object anybody can own; thus, it must be one-of-a-kind and cater to all of your special demands. Your wardrobe is a crucial part of your life and influences your daily routine, so pick wisely. It adds elegance to your room by achieving the desired aesthetic.

Exclusive Modular TV Units Renovation

What suits you well? Whether it is a contemporary design for your living room or something extraordinary for your bedroom.

Well our innovative TV solutions might come out to be the best option for you. With enlivening pieces of modular TV units, LVL makes living-room dramas come alive. The design brilliance and marvelous finish are ideal for making at-home entertainment enjoyable.

Exclusive Modular Puja Units Renovation

A pooja room initiates positive energy in your home. We at LVL ensure that the decoration of your puja room complements the ambiance of your home.

Your pooja area should be designed in such a way that when someone walks in, they immediately feel energized. Our themes components make the spaces seem appealing, as well as feel peaceful and divine.

Exclusive Washroom Renovation

Beautify your bathroom with our acclaimed bathroom makeover service.

Our professional design and implementation team is ready to help you with all of your bathroom renovation needs, from design consultation to turn-key implementation.

Exclusive Paint Service

Painting your home is thrilling, but selecting the correct colors, materials, and residential painters while safeguarding the safety of your family might be challenging. That’s where we come in, with the goal of making house painting a safe and enjoyable experience! Reimagine your home as a large canvas with our Exclusive Painting Services.

Turnkey Projects

Designing up your interiors from end to end, we bring up interior project solutions and decoration services while you enjoy your relaxing time.

Turnkey project
Best modular wardrobe design

Retail showroom interiors​

A huge footfall is witnessed by the shopping mall every day, hence necessitating a world-class, attractive interior and environment. The design of your shopping mall must have flow and aura to foster the relationship between the seller and customer.

Check our bouquet of distinctive designs for retail stores and shopping centers. The commercial areas built by us work for both consumers and sellers.

Office Space Interior

We can provide your office with a polished, professional appearance in every way. Our best-fit layout will accommodate all of your needs while still leaving enough room for work.

When running an office, you must make judicious use of your office area. As an office owner, you must ensure that all the workplace tasks are carried out within the space allotted to you. With professional interior designing services, you can feasibly optimize the utilization of this area. With us avail artistically designed corporate office interior design services at competitive rates.

Conference Room

If you’re unhappy with your current conference room space or wish to accommodate more employees. Contact us right away to rebuild or replace your present conference room in a much-advanced manner. We specialize in transforming existing structures into new, modern facilities.

Workplace area is gradually becoming a more welcoming setting where employees may feel more at ease with conference rooms being shared among businesses. Hence, it is advantageous to have interior design ideas for conference rooms that match the needs of various businesses.

Work Station

Work with us to transform the drowsy and uninspired space into the one that invigorates, revitalizes, and inspires the employees to strive for the highest levels of performance.

The maximum time an employee spends is in their workstation itself; it must be comfortable and appealing to keep them motivated. Get unique designs for your workstations with us that align with all your requirements and budget.

Exclusive Commercial Paint

Refresh the appearance of your workplace and give a new life to the walls by opting for our exclusive commercial paint service.

Painting of any location leaves a permanent image of that place. We at LVL believe that the first and last impression should be enduring and cherishable; hence we work to provide your customers with the best experience of their life.

Turnkey project

When it comes to complete interior solutions for your dream office space, you shouldn’t leave any stones unturned in fulfilling your needs. This is when SKV enters the picture! We are one of Bangalore’s major turnkey interior solution providers, acting as a one-stop shop for office projects and space design.

You may be confident in the outcome of your workstation since SKV is a trailblazer in turnkey interior solutions. We are with you every step of the way, from the moment you contact us until the moment your renovated area is given over.

Turnkey project